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BEIJING RONTECH MACHINERY LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of thermal insulation equipment, material processing and handling equipment based in China. Our products include rock wool production line, glass wool production line, ceramic fiber production line, modified bitumen membrane production line, sandwich panel production line, roll forming machine, gypsum board production line, plastic pipe machine, rebond foam machine, gantry crane, bridge crane, jib crane, and insulation products, and so on. Their applications are as followings:

A premier manufacturer and global partner

BEIJING RONTECH MACHINERY LIMITED is a China-based, professional manufacturer of thermal insulation equipment and material processing and handling equipment. Our products include rock wool production line, glass wool production line, ceramic fiber production line, etc., which feature large capacity and low energy consumption, high quality, economical prices, reliability, and durability. Insulation products like rock wool, glass wool and ceramic fiber, produced by our equipment, are characterized by better sound absorbing ability, thermal insulation, and higher temperature resistance, thus they are more widely used in defense, petroleum chemical, building, metallurgy, cold storage, and transportation industries.

We also provide sandwich panel production line, modified bitumen membrane production line, gypsum board production line, rebond foam machine, gantry crane, bridge crane, jib crane, roll forming machine, plastic pipe machine, and more. Over 30 years of manufacturing experience enables us to provide superior quality, economically priced products. RONTECH has been keeping a solid leading position in providing all range of insulation equipment, material processing and handling equipment together with comprehensive technical service solution packages for both domestic and overseas markets.

In the process of manufacturing, we follow a stringent quality management system, and conduct comprehensive quality inspection of raw materials, components, and the finished equipment to ensure a 100% quality rate. Our products are in accordance with national standards and our company is ISO9001:2000 accredited.

We take many steps toward reducing our production cost. For instance, we use advanced network management system and optimize company resources and put the right talents in the niche place to improve efficiency. We have long-standing, good cooperative relationships with local raw material suppliers, so we are able to acquire high quality raw materials. In addition, our location in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province provides us with easy access to more skilled labor, better researching facilities and convenient transportation.

Complete customer service is an essential ingredient to our success. Our equipment are better quality guaranteed. Once equipment is shipped, we provide comprehensive follow-up services. Installation, testing, and operation training, and system maintenance services, etc. are also provided upon request.

High quality, advanced technology and complete sales service, together have kept us a reputable manufacturer and fast growing business. We have gained a large pool of customers spanning almost all continents. Among which, Russia, France, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Mongolia, Egypt are just a few of our regular and popular markets.

For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us for a consultation, or go to our product pages. We look forward to providing superior quality products and professional service to you.

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